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    How to add Unlock Codes and Cards/Keyfobs to the INTIPADSD & INTIPRDSD

    June 29th, 2020

    How to add Cards & Keyfobs

    Log into the Door Station and click on Household Setting.

    Click on Room No. Management. Then click on the Modify Pencil for the Monitor you wish to assign the card to.

    Click Issue Card.

    Scan the Card you wish to learn in on the card reader.

    Enter a Username to identify the card, then click Save.

    Repeat the process for each card. The Card(s) count will show you how many cards you have waiting to be added.

    One you have added all of your cards, click Confirm Send Card to save the cards, then click Save.

    How to add Unlock Codes


    In order to access this feature your device will need to be on the 2020-06-13 Firmware or later

    Log into the Door Station and click on Local Setting.

    Click on Password Manager, then the Add button.

    Enter a Username (ID for who will use the code) and a Password (The Code) and click “OK”.


    Please note that the password must be 6 digits long.

    The Syntax to enter a code to unlock the door with the keypad is:
    # <User Code> # 

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