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    Normally open relay circuit for MDVR-J200

    July 4th, 2019

    MDVR-J200 relay circuit is Normally Close. That is, if the cable of the MDVR-J200 is cut, the relay is in normally close state and the car is still able to start.

    We can modify the circuit to change the relay to Normally Open so if the cable of the device is cut, the car cannot start.1) Pull the thick Green wire from relay socket terminal 87A (NC). Plug the wire to 87 (NO).

    2) Solder the circuit above. 

    Note: The ground wire should be connected to the MDVR-J200 Grey wire (not Black wire)

    The reason for this modification is that when remote cut is used, the CUT signal (Green wire), which is open collector type, will short to ground (0V), then the transistor turns off and the fuel pump power is cut.

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