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    Motion Detection Setup - Blue Interface

    Motion detection configuration and setting adjustment

    Open the main menu and select EVENT.

    1. Select the channel number then tick the enable box as below.

    2. Select the Setup/Setting button next to Region to access the zone, sensitivity and threshold settings for motion detection.



        Zone Name: You can set a custom zone name here.

        Sensitivity: Determines how sensitive the zone is to movement. 1 being the lowest and 100 the highest.

        Threshold: Determines the minimum size of an object that can trigger motion detection. 1 Being the lowest and 100 the highest.

    If you left click and move your mouse, you can change the active zone. If the zone is coloured then motion will be detected in that zone. If it is clear, motion will not be detected in this zone.

    Once you have configured these settings, right clicking will take you back to the motion detection tab. Now click on apply then save/ok.

    You have now configured Motion settings for the NVR.


    To setup the Motion Recording Schedule. Main Menu > Storage > Schedule. Or click storage from the menu below.

    1. Click on the MD tickbox.

    2. Use the mouse and left click to draw the MD schedule.

    To draw multiple channels at once, click on All above the days to the side.

    If you only want motion recording, simply remove any regular recording.

    Click on the regular tickbox.

    1. Click the erase on the right side( Next to the cog)

    2. Click on the green lines to remove the regular schedule.

    Getting notifications.

    To receive notifications from your recorder  you will need to subscribe to each camera on the mobile app. You will also need to have your recorder added to the app already. If you have not completed this step, see our setup video here

    Click the link below for instructions on getting notifications through the app for motion.

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