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    The NVR User Operation Guide

    Operation and General Usage Guide

    This guide will provide basic information about day to day usage of your CCTV System. 

    It goes over a few topics such as Navigating the Menus, General Settings Adjustment and Backup and Playback instructions.

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    How to Navigate the Menu

    The Live View screen is displayed when the system is not in use.

    Mouse Functions on the Live View screen.

    Single Left Click will select a Camera Channel.
    Double Left Click will toggle full screen for the selected Camera.

    Single Right Click will load the Right-click Menu, left click to choose an option.

    How to Playback Recorded Video

    To access the playback page, select search from the Rick-click Menu.

    Search/Playback Page 

    Stored footage can be accessed by selecting the camera and date. This can be further refined by footage type (Regular, Motion Detection, Alarm, etc).

    Playback Footage by Date

    1. Ensure that the Source is R/W HDD, selected and that REC is selected in Source Select
    2. Using the Date Select calendar, choose the date for footage playback. A blue date icon indicates stored footage is available for that day.
    3. In the View Select section, tick the box next to the cameras you wish to view.
    4. The Footage Timeline should populate with stored footage, indicated by coloured bars in the timeline. Click play or click anywhere on the timeline to begin footage playback. Other cameras will automatically sync their playback to the selected camera. 
    5. For greater precision playback control, use the scroll wheel on the mouse to zoom in on the timeline. This will allow you to see the time down to the minute, instead of the whole day. 
    6. Using the Playback Controls, you can speed up or slow down playback, place marks on key footage times and take snapshots.

    How to Backup Video

    1. Open the Right-click Menu.
    2. Select Backup.

    Using the Backup Menu, specify start/end dates & times across multiple cameras simultaneously. This is useful for large footage export, such as full days. 

    1. Select Backup from the Main Menu, or, insert your USB device and select File Backup.
    2. Here, you can select the Type of footage to backup (default: All), the Start Time and End Time and what Record Channels to backup video from. 
    3. Selecting Add will populate the list with individual video clips ready for backup. Clips can be added or removed from the backup process using the check box. 
    4. Select Start to begin backup. 

    NOTE: Regular type footage (R) will be split into in one hour segments, unless Motion Detection type footage (M) was recorded. Storage capacity is also shown. Ensure you have the required USB device storage to accept the backup video.


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