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    How to configure PTZ Autotracking in a Tour

    Setup PTZ Autotracking

    To configure PTZ Autotracking in a Tour, you will need to configure settings in the Web Interface of the camera and in the Recorder Interface.


    Autotracking will not work while the camera is changing presets. It must reach the next preset then load the IVS rule, 1-2 seconds after the camera arrives at the preset, Autotracking will work. For this reason, it is recommended to set the Preset time at it's minimum value (15 seconds).

    PTZ camera web interface steps

    1. Set PTZ preset locations where you want to perform auto tracking -
    2. Set up a tour using these preset locations -
    3. Set Idle Motion to Tour, select the correct tour number.  Set Idle Time to 1 minute -
    4. Set PowerUp to Tour and select the correct tour number -
    5. Disable Time Task if enabled -

    Recorder interface steps

    1. Set up IVS on fixed cameras to trigger on intrusion (be conservative here, avoid triggers from trees and shadows) -
    2. Set up event linking, triggering the desired PTZ preset on intrusion trigger -
    3. Configure PTZ auto tracking to the presets defined in step one -

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