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    How to Login to Web Interface of an IP Camera

    April 22nd, 2021

    To connect and configure an IP Camera directly, your PC/Laptop will require an IP Address to be in the same IP range as the camera. 

    This is normally assigned by your router/modem, however, not all router/modems are the same.
    For example, some routers IP address range is or Both of these networks will not be able to connect to a default IP camera as they are on different ranges.

    To get around this, we will manually set your PC IP Information. This will disconnect youand steps should be reverted when finished to connect back to the internet. 

    Brand new IP cameras are on the following IP address
    Set your PC ip address to the same range, between

    For example, your computer would need an address between 1-254 for the last digit.
    For this example, our PC's IP will be

    Open the Start Menu and type
    “Network Connections “
    Right-click and select properties on the Ethernet Connection/Adapter
    Click Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) select click properties
    First, click on Use the following IP address, then enter in the desired IP and click in the subnet mask field and it will generate one, you can leave the gateway blank.                                    

    You will need to come back to this window and set to “Obtain an IP address automatically” once you have finished configuring the cameras, to connect your device back to the internet.

    Select OK, then OK again on the next window, then close. Your IP address is now set. 

    You can now use enter in either Chrome or Internet Explorer, depending on camera model you may need to use one or the other. 

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