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    Pinhole Camera with PIR Sensor - How to setup with motion via a CVR

    May 26th, 2021

    Wiring the camera to the CVR

    Connect the Camera via a RJ59 cable to one of the ports on the back of the CVR. Take note of which channel it is connected to.
    Connect the PIE to the recover's alarm terminals. A-A & B-B

    Configuring the Alarm Inputs

    1. Navigate to Main Menu > Alarm > Alarm Input > Local
    2. Select under Alarm In.
    3. Set Enable to On.
    4. Set the Type to NO or NC
    5. Click Apply.

    Configuring the Alarm Output

    1. Navigate to Main Menu > Alarm > Alarm Output
    2. Set Alarm type for 1 to Auto.

    Configuring Motion Detection

    1. Navigate to Main Menu > Alarm > Motion Detect
    2. Select the channel the camera is connected to.
    3. Set Enable to On

    Connecting the PIR to an Alarm Panel

    Connect the output of the PIR to the alarm panel as you would a normal PIR within the zones on the panel.
    Depending on the alarm panel you can either set normally closed in the alarm input menu or normally open in the alarm input option on the recorder.

    Can be used for door strikes, sirens, alarm panels.

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