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    How to subscribe to notifications in the DMSS Mobile App

    Configure and subscribe to push notifications for Intercoms and CCTV

    DMSS is a remote surveillance app that can be used to access your security products remotely.
    It can be found on the Google Play store and iOS App Store.

    You can configure a whole range of push notifications in the DMSS app.
    NVRs/CVRs/IP Cameras can send notifications when Motion is detected or IVS rules (e.g Tripwires and Intrusions) are tripped and allow you to view and export footage of the event.
    Door Stations can send notifications when the call button is pushed so you can answer the call from your phone and unlock a connected door strike.

    How to Configure Push Notifications

    On the Home page, tap on the  icon next to the device you wish to subscribe to notifications for.

    Tap on Device Details
    Tap on Notification or Multi-channel Alarm Subscription
    Tap on the switch to turn it on.

    Tap on Period Settings to set the time period you wish to receive notifications during.

    Tap on the notifications you wish to receive and enable them.
    Tap Save when you are done.


    E.g. to enable notifications for low space HDD tap on Disk Alarm, then tap on Low Space

    Set Period
    Select Tick

    Example of setting Motion Alarm Notification

    Enable Device Push notification
    Select Notification type
    Select camera you wish to be notified on.

    Notification on Intercom

    While adding Intercoms to the DMSS app, 

    The Intercom unit should be added under a DMSS account.

    Also, make sure the Background app refresh is 'enabled' and also the show previews is set to 'Always'


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