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    How to Reinstall the DMSS App

    How to reinstall the DMSS App without having to add all of your devices manually again.

    Step 1 - Backup the Devices on your App

    Tap on
    Tap on
    Tap the devices you wish to export to select them, then tap Create Device Card.
    Click Cancel.
    Tap Save to save the QR to your phone's gallery.

    Step 2 - Uninstall DMSS

    This guide will show you how to uninstall apps on an Android phone.
    This guide will who you how to uninstall apps on an Apple iPhone

    Step 3 - Install DMSS

    Install the DMSS app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store

    Step 4 - Import your Devices

    Tap on
    Tap SN/Scan
    Tap on
    Tap on the QR code image to select it.
    Your devices should now be imported.

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