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    July 25th, 2023

    In some circumstances you may be required to use DHCP on the INTIPRDSG or INTIPADSD Door Stations. In most cases, DHCP is not necessary to turn on.

    Please note that turning DHCP on will only work correctly if you intend on setting up a DHCP reservation via your DHCP server, to ensure the IP address of the door station does not change.

    If the door station IP address changes, all monitors will lose connection and will have to be reconfigured each time the IP address changes.



    If you are not setting up a DHCP reservation for the door station on your network, please do not enable DHCP.

    How to use the CGI commands

    1. Set your computer to be in the same IP address range as the Door Station's current IP Address.
    2. Enter the command into the address bar of a web browser. You will need to change the IP address in the command ( to the current IP address of the Door Station.
    3. Enter the username and password of the door station when prompted. If you do not receive the prompt, refer to the previous two steps.
    4. After DHCP is enabled, connection to the Door Station will likely be lost as the IP address will change. Use Config Tool to find the new IP address of the device if it is not known.

    CGI Commands

    Enable DHCP:

    Disable DHCP:

    Get Network Config (Look for table.Network.eth0.DhcpEnable):

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