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    To Change Disarm Code (SMS Security Code) - ALL-PACK1 Force Alarm Panel -

    June 21st, 2023

    Default the Disarm Code is [1234].

    If you would like to use your own PIN code, so following step-by-step instructions below to change it:

    1- Open the [Smart Life] app.

    2- Enter [Watch Guard Force] home page.

    3- If the SIM card is not attached, please tap the [Cancel] touch button of [Phone Number of Alarm System].

    4- To access the [Setting] wheel, locate it at the bottom right corner of the phone and tap on it.

    5- Scroll up on the screen until you see the option "SMS Security Code".

    6- Tap on "SMS Security Code" to enter that page.

    7- Within the page, locate the current 4-digit code and change it to the desired code that you would rather use.

    8- Then confirm it by tap on [Save] touch button.

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