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    AI Trigger Actions

    May 27th, 2021

    Click the Trigger Button to bring up the Trigger menu, configuring what actions are taken once the event is triggered

    AI Trigger Actions Explained

    1. Period - Sets the times of day that the event will trigger (always on by default).
    2. Alarm Out - Sets an external alarm to activate whenever a face is detected.
    3. Latch Time - Sets how long the system waits after a trigger before detecting again (10 seconds by default).
    4. Alarm Upload - Updates the alarm system status on the network (Unused for this system).
    5. Send Email - Notifies a specified email address whenever the event is triggered (Requires internet connection & setup)
    6. Record Channel - Sets which camera to record to when the event is triggered.
    7. Post-Record - Sets the amount of time recorded after the event is triggered.
    8. PTZ Activation - Set PTZ behaviors in response to a event trigger, such as selecting a Tour to perform, etc (For use with PTZ camera(s) only). 
    9. Buzzer - Sets the NVR to beep whenever an event is triggered
    10. Voice Prompts - Plays a designated .wav file in response to an event trigger. This can be imported via a USB flash drive to the NVR.

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