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    Dewarping Fisheye Cameras

    September 6th, 2022

    To access the dewarping menu, right click the camera channel and select fisheye installation to first select the orientation, then select fisheye view to change the window split.

    Fisheye Dewarping is supported on the below models with the latest firmware.

    NVR32PRO16P/NP and Later
    All NVRxULTNP and Later

    NVR16PRO-I2 (on 2022 firmware)

    Latest firmware is required.

    Standard 360 mode
    1 narrow view + Panoramic View 2 Panoramic views

    2 Wide, 2 Narrow + 360 view
    360 view + 3 Way Split Combination of the previous 2 settings
    6 Way Split + pan/rotate 9 Way Split + 360 view

    Interactive view - Allows you to zoom in and out and adjusts the image to look normal. Can rotate and look around like you are in 360 view still. Tapping fisheye icon reverts to standard dewarp.

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