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    How to Setup a Standalone Camera over a WT5-ULB-PACKA with Motion Detection

    December 16th, 2019

    This is how to wire the devices required. The Station and the Access Point need to be facing each other to function as intended.

    You will need to configure the camera though it's web interface. The Camera will need to be connected to the Laptop via an Ethernet cable. If your have wired your setup like the diagram above, you can unplug the cable from the modem and plug it into the laptop.

    You can access the Web Interface by entering the camera's IP address into the address bar of Internet Explorer. is the default IP of our cameras. You may need to change the IP address of your laptop to reach it (A guide on how to do this can be found here).

    Initialise the camera by entering a new password (It will need to be at least 8 characters long), then click "Save".

    Ensure P2P is enabled and click "Next"

    Click "Next".

    If prompted, select a region and click "Save".

    Log into the camera.

    Navigate to Setting > System > General > Date&Time.
    Configure the Time & Date settings and click "Save".

    Navigate to Setting > Event > Video Detection > Motion Detection.
    Tick "Enable" and click "Save".

    Navigate to Setting > Storage > Schedule > Record.
    Click "Setting".

    Configure this screen as desired. To record Motion, you will need to have Motion ticked.
    If you want to record only Motion events on every day of the week, copy the settings above.
    Click "Save", and "Save" again on the previous screen.

    Your Camera is now configured to detect and record motion.

    If the IP address of the camera is not in the same range as the network it will be on, you will need to change it's IP address.

    Navigate to Setting > Network > TCP/IP
    Change the IP Address and the Default Gateway.
    (You may need to change the Laptop's IP address again to access the camera after you change this setting.)

    Navigate to Setting > Network > Access Platform > P2P
    (At this point you can plug the cable back into the modem and connect to the modem's wifi with the laptop)
    Make sure P2P is ticked. When the status on this page says "Online" you will be able to view the Camera remotely.
    If it does not say online, check all of your cables and ensure the IP Address you chose is in the right range and not conflicting with anything.

    You can use the S/N and QR code on this screen to add this camera to a remote viewing application.

    The app is iDMSS Plus for Apple Phones and gDMSS Plus for Android Phones.

    Follow this guide to add the Camera to the app. You will want to select "Wired Camera" when prompted.

    If you want to enable push notifications to alert you when Motion is detected, follow this guide.
    You will want to select "Motion Detect" > "Motion Detect" then select the camera.

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