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    How to Configure the display of the Second HDMI Port

    May 26th, 2021


    This feature is only available on NVRs/CVRs that have two HDMI ports

    (Black GUI) HDMI 2 Setup

    1. Right Click and select Main Menu.
    2. Select Display (if you do not see Display go to the second page by clicking the dots underneath the backup option.)
    3. Enable Extra Screen, then select Apply.
    4. Go back to live view, then right-click and select Sub Port. This will display the HDMI 2's video on your Primary Monitor. 
    5. Right-click and  select which window split you would like to view. 
    6. Right-click and select Main Port to set the video back to HDMI 1.

    (Blue GUI) HDMI 2 Setup

    Enable the Navigation Bar

    1. Navigate to Main Menu > System > General
    2. Enable Navigation Bar.
    3. Navigate to Main Menu > System > Display
    4. Tick Screen 2 and select Apply.

    Configure the Second Display via the Navigation bar

    1. Move the mouse cursor so it is positioned just off of the bottom of the screen, then left click. This should bring up the Navigation bar.
    2. Select Screen 2.
    3. Select the Screen Layout and cameras you wish to use on the second screen

    4. Switch back to Screen 1.

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