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    IP Conflict Between Switch IP Address and LAN IP Address

    May 24th, 2021

    In some installations you may find the Switch IP address and LAN port IP address are in the same IP address range.

    This will create issues such as cameras not connecting, cameras dropping in and out, and no local network connection.

    The reason this can happen, is if the recorder is set to DHCP and picks up an address in the same network range as the switch IP address. It is most commonly seen when replacing a modem/router.

    The IP address for the In-built PoE switch usually does not matter, as long as it is different from the LAN IP Address.

    Below images show the Local IP address of the recorder set to, and the Switch IP address is This is correctly configured.

    If the switch IP address was, this would be incorrectly configured and create issues as both the local and switch IP address would be in the same range. 

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