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    Camera Snapshot/Timelapse Setup

    Setting snapshots on IPC

    NVR Snapshot Types

    There are two types of Snapshots,  Event or Schedule/Time Based

    Event Snapshots are taken when an event is triggered, e.g, motion detection/face recognition/tripwire etc.

    Schedule Snapshots are taken at a specified interval during the snapshot schedule.
    The amount of time between snapshots can be set via the web interface, refer to the last steps of this document for instructions. 

    NVR Scheduled Snapshot Configuration

    Example 1 - One Snapshot, Once a Day

    To obtain one snapshot a day, set the interval to 60 seconds, then set the snapshot schedule to only be active for 1 minute per day.

    This tells the camera to take a snapshot once a minute, but the schedule restricts the camera from taking a snapshot until the time from the schedule is active. To change the schedule, go to the Main Menu > Storage > Schedule > Snapshot

    One Snapshot, Once a Day Setup

    Navigate to the Main Menu > Storage > Schedule > Snapshot

    Click the Setting button then you can customise the first period. In the image below, I have enabled the ALL box to select everyday, then the time 10:30-10:31 will allow the camera to take a snapshot during this time.

    Next select the Regular Tick box.

    Click OK, then Apply and Save.
    If you do not have apply or save, simply click OK. 

    Example 2 - One Snapshot every 60 seconds

    To capture a snapshot once a minute for the entire day, the Interval would be set to 60 seconds, then the snapshot schedule will need to be set to active for the whole day.  Follow the same steps as outlined in #1 Daily Snapshot, but configure the time period for 00:00 24:00.

    Snapshot Configuration for a Standalone Camera on PC

    Configuring Snapshot Options

    1. Go to Camera -> Video -> Snapshot
    2. Set Snapshot Type to General, Set a Picture Quality and set the Interval to a value between 1 to 16 seconds.
    3. Click Save button to apply.

    Configuring Snapshot Schedule

    1. Go to Storage -> Schedule -> Snapshot Schedule
    2. Tick the General box and draw green lines where you which schedule snapshot recording.
    3. Click Save to apply you changes.

    Configuring Snapshot Destination

    1. Go to Storage > Destination > Path
    2. Tick the scheduled box in snapshot. Ticking the Snaphsot Box next to Local will save it to an SD Card. Ticking FTP or NAS will save it to a NAS or FTP if one has been configured.
    3. Click Save

    Timelapse Example - Configure a camera to take snapshots at set times and disable recording

    Configuring Timelapse


    Ensure an SD Card is installed into the camera

    Configure the Snapshot Settings

    1. Navigate to Setup > Camera > Video > Snapshot
    2. Set Interval to a value such as 100.
    3. Navigate to Storage > Schedule > Snapshot.
    4. Select the Setting button on the right hand side.
    5. Enter the time when you would like the camera to take snapshots. In this example, the camera will take snapshots at 9am, 12pm and 4pm. You can customise this by day, or choose to copy it to all days.
    6. Select Save, and then Save on the next window.

    Disable camera recording

    Navigate to Setting > Storage > Record Control

    Set Record Mode to Off.


    In this example we are not recording footage, only snapshots. If you want to also record footage, you would not change this setting.

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